The National Institute of Health has ranked truckers as one of the unhealthiest people in America. At least 3.5 million of the 7 million registered truckers are obese. Why is the situation so bad?

Truckers tend to have many unhealthy habits. Notably, over half of them smoke, and only 1 in every 10 exercise regularly. Most of them blame it on the nature of the job.

Indeed, trucking is a difficult job—working long hours and long days. This makes it difficult to develop a culture of healthy eating or even exercising. How then can one overcome these challenges? Here is our guide to staying healthy.

Get a personal fridge.

While you are on the road, the temptation to eat junk or drink unbalanced fluids is enormous. If you cannot tame the sweet tooth, the solution then is controlling what you eat or drink. You can stock the healthy foods and drinks on your fridge, take them when you want. You can pre-pack what you will eat before you embark on delivery or pickup. Stock enough water, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fruit juices.

Because of the long passive working environment, your body will need minimal calorie intake. Ensure that the body is getting the right calories at the right time. Doing this will keep fast foods at bay.

Prioritize breakfast

Eventually, you will sleep after long hours of work. When you wake up, eat a healthy breakfast. If it is possible, make breakfast the heaviest meal you will have during the day. Wholegrain breakfast is not commonplace, but if you can get it, it will serve you better. It will stay longer on your system, preventing you from stopping for snacks on the way.

Find rest time

Good sleeping has been discovered to keep the body refreshed. You will be sharper on the road if you are getting enough rest. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell a trucker to sleep for 8 hours every 24 hours. Indeed that is the recommended sleep and rest time for a healthy adult. To enjoy good rest time, eat just a light meal an hour before going to bed. Plan your journey before you embark on it so that you can plan where to sleep. If you find yourself in places where you cannot sleep, take an hour or two of rest in the sleeper cab.

Find time and space to exercise.

I tend to remind truckers that eventually they will sleep. When you wake up, use that time to do those things that you may not have time for them during the day. If you are sleeping in a hotel or sleeper, take 10-20 minutes to do some simple exercises. A typical exercise regime includes 2-4 sets of squats, heel raises, pushups, planks, sit-ups, lunges, back and front bends. You can alternate the sets with some walking or jogging. This routine will take at most half an hour, and it will make one heck of a difference in your overall health.

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