Hiring a transportation company looks simple, but if you tell many companies that hiring a trucking company is easy, they will disagree. It is easy to make mistakes along the way, especially if it is your first time. Even for experienced logistics and supply chain managers, it can be a daunting task. Here is a small guide to the best approach.

Prepare a list of your logistical needs.

It sounds common sense to do that. Surprisingly, most people do not prepare such a document. You want a company that can fit your needs. A good plan will ensure that you understand the type of company you want. Do you want a big trucking company or a medium-level company? Do you want a flatbed or a Conestoga? Dry van or a Reefer? Step-deck or a custom trailer?

You want to understand your needs first so that you can communicate them to your potential contractors effectively.

Do your initial research.

You may not know all the trucking solutions available to you the way a trucking company does. Reaching out to some of the potential contractors can help. Ask them questions before you engage them with the job. You want to establish rapport with the players in the industry because you may need to hire different companies for different freight needs.

Understand the service offering and the approaches to packaging and transportation. Study the existing companies. Look for companies that have the trucking culture that you want.

Evaluate different companies

The biggest mistake is not to hire a bad company. The biggest mistake is to enter into an arrangement that is not fruitful. Such an arrangement could cost you dearly with delays and cargo damages. Take time to review the companies that have expressed interest in working with you.

Look at the level of experience, capacity, and capitation. Also check the manpower, equipment, and licensing. Check into their hiring methods. Do they do background checks? Do they have a welfare scheme for their truckers?

Study the offer carefully

Once you put the word out there that you want a freight solution, you will get several quotes. The details matter a lot. Do not be quick to pick the cheapest offer. Also, do not overlook the most expensive offers. Sometimes cheap is expensive and expensive might turn out to be a bargain in the long run. Evaluate the offers based on the content of the offer. The cheapest offer may lack some valuable features, benefits and guarantees. Eventually, this cheap offer will end up costing you more for the other features to be included. The middle of the pack is a good place to start. Ensure that the company you are picking has what you want. Different types of cargo will require different approaches to load, unload, or transport.

Check reputation

Everything else can check out for a company including a good offer on the table, sizeable workforce, enough equipment, and experience to boot. However, reputation, especially the reputation in the last 3 months, is critical. Check online reviews before signing off.

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