🔻10 tips for all drivers to kick-start another busy week THE RIGHT WAY! 🔻
▶️ 1. Avoid junk foods – This might be a challenge for drivers who are used to eating processed foods that line the shelves in truck stops. But you can stock up on healthy foods from a local grocery store and resist the temptation of consuming fast foods.
▶️ 2. Keep water bottles with you – If you want to improve your trucker lifestyle, always have water bottles in your truck and don’t forget to hydrate often. This will help you stay hydrated and healthy.
▶️ 3. Say NO to smoking – As a long-haul driver, it’s very easy to pick up smoking as a hobby. Many over-the-road truckers lose track of the number of cigarettes they smoke on a daily basis. Obviously, this is a very unhealthy habit and if you haven’t quit smoking already, consider starting now.
▶️ 4. Establish an exercise routine – If you are a long-haul driver, it’s not easy to go to a local gym and exercise. Fortunately, you don’t need a gym or expensive equipment to perform simple exercises. Making exercise a part of your daily routine will improve the quality of your trucker lifestyle.
▶️ 5. Get plenty of rest – In the trucking world, every mile driven comes with a dollar sign. Sleep deprivation, however, is not worth the extra cash in your pocket. Be sure to always get at least 8-10 hours of sleep to rejuvenate your body and mind.
▶️ 6. Include vitamin supplements in your diet – Not having access to nutritious foods is one of the major consequences of the trucker lifestyle. You can consider including vitamins in your daily routine to fill in the nutrient gaps in your food.
▶️ 7. Refresh the mind – The job of a long-haul driver can be quite boring and monotonous at times. Make an effort to refresh your mind and avoid thinking too much about negative things. Listen to audiobooks and learn interesting things about subjects that fascinate you.
▶️ 8. Carry healthy snacks – Snacking isn’t a bad thing if you do it on a schedule. Make sure you eat healthy snacks like protein bars, fresh fruits, and nuts. To be a healthy trucker, purchase fresh snacks from grocery stores.
▶️ 9. Take care of your personal hygiene – Personal hygiene is essential to reducing the risk of getting sick. Don’t forget to wash your hands before eating something. Take advantage of truck stop facilities by showering and changing clothes regularly.
▶️ 10. Don’t forget your breakfast – As a long-haul driver, it can be very tempting to skip breakfast. However, if you want to be a healthy trucker, don’t forget your breakfast— even if you are on the road. It is a well-known fact that skipping breakfast can have a negative impact on the body.
Keep these small things in mind to help you stay healthy and prevent burnout.
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